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HealthyStart 6-Class Course

All classes are held on Thursday evenings from 6-7pm at the Atrium located at 111 W. Berry Street. Get directions.

Class 1: Thursday, Jan 24, 6-7pm.
Plant-Based 101: Learn how a plant-based diet can help prevent, manage, and even reverse some chronic conditions and how to implement this way of eating for you and your family

Class 2:  Thursday, Feb 28, 6-7pm
More than Salads: Eating healthy doesn’t mean living on salads. Learn what foods to eat and which to avoid on a plant-based diet. We’ll discuss macronutrients — protein, carbs, fat, & fiber and where to get them in a plant-based diet. You’ll also receive a meal plan with shopping list & recipes.

Class 3: Thursday, March 21, 6-7pm
Micronutrients — Vitamins, Minerals, & Essential Amino Acids: Can you get enough vitamins & minerals on a plant-based diet? Learn which you can get from foods and what supplements are recommended.

Class 4:  Thursday, April 18, 6-7pm
Slow the aging process: Learn what to eat and do to slow the aging process to look and feel younger naturally.

Class 5: Thursday, May 16, 6-7pm
Cooking Demo: Now that we’ve learned the benefits of a plant-based diet, we’ll show you how to create healthy plant-based meals your whole family will love.

Class 6: Thursday, June 20, 6-7pm
Being vegan in a nonvegan world: We’ll explore how to get along as a vegan in a nonvegan world regarding your family, dating, job, dining out, traveling, holidays, etc.

Course cost: $20/class
Save $20 when you purchase the 6 class pack before January 24th.
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